Day 63 for Dion...her actual due date.  It's slow going.  At 4 am last night her temperature was 37 and I thought ok, now it's starting. Was back up to 37.4 at 7:30 am. I established a few days before that her normal body temperature is 38.   When a pregnant dog is close to whelping her litter, her body temperature will dip below 37.  It's common for it to fluctuate which it has been doing all day.
She's at 37.2 currently. She is doing more self grooming, which is another sign.  Her breathing has been ragged and rapid for a few days.  Could be a long night!  Puppies are still active and kicking.   I guarantee you the next time you hear from me it will be that the royal litter has made it's debut!