And we wait for Dinnye to show us that she's going to deliver a few puppies.  Tomorrow June 2 is her due date...if she doesn't have puppies by the end of the weekend, I will have to accept that either this was a false pregnancy....or she had puppies at the time of the ultrasound, died and were absorbed by her.  Out of our hands at this point...all we can do is be ready in case there are puppies.  I am taking her temperature 3x's daily.  Mornings have been consistent at 37.3 Celsius...afternoon and evening 37.6.  Eminent delivery would be if it dips below 37 and gets close to 36.7.  She continues to act pregnant - is enjoying the pampering - but when I watch her I believe that she truly believes that she is pregnant.
She keeps turning her head and starting at her back end - as though she's feeling something but not sure what it is - always looks like it takes her by surprise.   Keep tuned for another update.   As for Jazz, I'm not confident that she's pregnant either.  Time will tell.