It was a great but busy weekend....families came out to pick out their puppy - I had the great fortune to meet some very nice people today.  I really don't think there was bad pick....the fact of the matter is that someone had to be picked first and inevitably someone had to be last pick.  The puppies had a good time with their visitors and slept soundly once the day was over.

Something I forgot to mention in my last blog when I was talking about what a good litter this was.  When I was transporting them to their tattooing and vet visit, I had them split in two different dog carriers.  That had potential to be a very messy my great enjoyment not one puppy peed, pooped for vomited in the crate!   They did all pee on the floor at the vet's though!

This week will pretty much be the same as the last much time as I can give them to be outside....will take them inside individually to see how they do with sounds and sights in our house.

I have reduced Jayda's feed so she is not producing as much milk as she has been.  This will help with the weaning process.  Their appetites are really good - I am still grinding up their food and adding water - just not letting it soak as long or adding as much water as I was the week before.   In a week's time, they will be on dry dog food.  I am feeding Performatrin Grain Free Puppy with Turkey, Duck and Salmon.