Not much has changed in the last post other than the puppies' eyes are almost open - by Friday they will be looking up at me and wondering who the heck is that.  It's been so hot this week so its been difficult to keep the temperature where they are comfortable, yet not too cool that their lives would be jeapordized.   They are still not panting, so that tells me they still can't regulate their own body temperature.  Jayda is looking very skinny trying to keep up with the puppies' constant demands for milk.  I've added puppy food to her kibble to help keep up her energy and add nutritional value to her milk supply.  I will be feeding the puppies Performatrin Ultra Grain Free  Turkey, Duck Salmon - available at Pet Valu stores.  I have fed the food in the past and pups have done very well on it.
With the puppies' eyes opening in the next two days they will also become more mobile. Jayda already is feeding them while sitting - seems to be working and at this stage she is only in the whelping box to feed and clean them.  And there is puppy breath - one of the best scents in the world - holding a puppy close and smelling that breath is special with every litter...never get tired of it.