Sorry for the late post - this week got away on me. A few Christmas functions behind me, with a few to go.

Overnight, the puppies went from sleeping in piles for the majority of the day to walking around trying to bite(gum) someone's tail or ear.  Mr Blue is becoming my favorite - I am dubbing him "the clown" of the bunch.  I love how he stares at his front foot  - gives this mouth opened look of glee, then pounces on it with his mouth,trying to bite it or lift it and shake it. It's a new world when you can see what's in front of you.   Ms Pink is Ms Social Butterfly - she keeps an eye on me when I'm in their room and wants to interact.  When I put my hand within inches of her, her tail starts wagging and she tries to playfully swat it.   Fun times ahead.

Weight gains were a bit slower...will start them on a puppy mash this weekend....feel some teeth poking through so its time...Dions milk supply may be tapering off a bit. Ms Purple is the only one that hasn't grown normally...its a wait and see how she develops.  She's a happy puppy - just a lightweight right now....she will love the puppy food.

In their 4th week, they will become steadier on their legs - Dion will start nursing them by standing - this helps the legs get stronger also.  At the end of the 4th week, we'll expand on their area also to give them more room.