Almost 2 weeks old....puppies are growing and developing on schedule.  Eyes opened in the last 48 hours and are starting to travel in the whelping box.  Some are very mobile and fearless and then there are a few that start whimpering and whining as soon as they get to far from their littermates.  I have a baby video monitor set up so I can check on the pups - they are a noisy bunch!
Dion continues to be a great mom and keeps their living quarters very long as the puppies are nursing, she will eat all
all their excrement.  It's been a good two weeks  - half of the puppies have doubled in weight - nice chunky monkeys!  Next week the puppies will get stronger and start walking instead of just wobbling around.  Dion may start standing while they nurse - puppies gain a lot of strength by being made to balance on their hind legs.    I will take more pictures on the weekend on post on the website and fb page.  I will also shoot some video and post.