Nothing beats puppy kisses!  Puppies are 17 days old today.  Totally aware and responsive to every sound in their room.  Dion is able to come and go from the puppy area and they certainly know when she's lying around just out of their sight and reach.  Lots of wobbling around - they have just started to play fight.  This is when I really take note of who is bullying; who is crying or whining...waiting for the first puppy to bark at me.  Mr. Orange is most likely going to be my escape artist - he's one of the smaller ones but seems very determined to find a way out of their whelping's only a matter of time before he figures it out.  I always have favorites with each litter...looks like Mr. Blue and Miss Blue are in the running...big chunky another couple of weeks the personalities will present themselves.   On the weekend, we will move them into the "big puppy" room - they'll have more space to move around...I will also start feeding them a gruel made of puppy food soaked in hot water and put through a blender - this is when the smaller pups will make up ground and the big pups will just get bigger.