Only one more week to go  - today is Day 57 for the Dion x Oz litter.  Today is the day Dion told me in no uncertain terms that she was not walking further than a few feet.  I guess it's just too uncomfortable.  Her breathing is certainly different this evening..more labored.  It's too soon - she needs to hang on for a few more days.  Gestation period is 58-63 days - our girls are always closer to 63 days.  Lots of movement of the puppies - love putting my hands on her sides and feeling the movement.  Dion's girth is measuring 37.25 inches (94.62 cms)  She is the size of Jazz and Gloria with their pregnancies and both had 9 puppies.

Jazz should cycle any time now and will be mated to Duke (Tramin Karnaval)  This is an exciting combination and we have high expectations for these puppies.  Jazz's August 2012 litter was outstanding.

Gloria and Dinnye should cycle in August - I will mate one of them...not sure which one - most likely Dinnye.

Hopefully my next post will go like this:  The Princ(ess) litter has made it's royal debut....."