I've been gently reminded that I have not made a blog entry about our upcoming litter.  She's right!  Have been enjoying the summer by staying off my computer and spending more time outside.

Due date is drawing near - The "Love" Litter is due Tuesday Aug 26.  This is a repeat breeding for Jazz and Duke and fully expect the puppies to be as great as the Dream Litter.

Jazz has been growing steadily - today she is 39.5" around her girth.  This compares with the last two litters were she had 9 puppies in each litter.  She is resting alot...seeming to be losing her mucus plug yesterday.  She's a bit restless today...need to take her outside on a leash as she is eying under the deck...which I'm sure meets her approval of where to whelp a litter of puppies.I don't think so.  Have much better accommodations in mind for her.

I've also been taking her temperature a few times a day.  When I see a significant drop, I know that the whelping process is close.  Really hoping for a natural delivery.  Last litter had her delivering 3 naturally and then a c section for the remaining 6...puppies were big and she was laboring to deliver them.  Of course this usually happens in the wee hours of the night!  Stay tuned - will have updates on this litter in the next few days.